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Many people of color struggle with reading, writing, and literacy, partly because the available books in classrooms, libraries, and bookstores have not accurately represented them. Publack Library Publishing, formally known as Mind Of Gold, was founded by Antonia Royal-Whitmore in 2019.  Despite constant struggle with English, grammar, and even public speaking, Antonia found a way to intentionally help her community through representative storytelling.

During this journey, the relationship between literary representation and literacy rates became more apparent, concluding that literacy directly impacts quality of life.

Now, she is intentionally in pursuit to diversify the literary industry by writing and publishing accurate, inclusive, and enjoyable literature for underrepresented populations.!

Our Mission

85% of Black students do not read at their respective reading levels (Hill, 2021), and only 5% of all published authors are Black (Lee & Low Books, 2022). Publack Library is in pursuit to adjust these unfortunate statistics.

If the literary industry includes more writers of color and more quality, inclusive, and accurate storytelling, reading results for youth will rise. We believe everyone deserves a page in a book rather as a character or an author. We also believe in affordable and accessible literature, influencing our constant practice of donate books throughout underrepresented communities.


We are always looking for talented writers, illustrators and sponsors. Let's connect!

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