Publack Library, formally known as Mind Of Gold, was founded by Antonia Royal-Whitmore in 2019.  Writing started off as a creative hobby but quickly developed into an intentional mission to help her community. Until recently, she subconsciously normalized the lack of representation, especially positive representation, in books, movies, and other forms of literature and media. It was 'normal' to read about characters who did not look like her or share similar life experiences. She underestimated how the lack of inclusiveness impacted her emotionally, psychologically, and mentally and decided to create relatable and reflective literature and media for her community.

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Our Story

85% of Black students do not have a proficient reading level (Hill,2021), and only 5% of all published authors are Black (Lee & Low Books,2022).

At Publack Library, we believe that the massive lack of diversity in the literary world contributes to the low literacy rates within the Black community. To solve this diversity crisis, we began creating representative and relatable books. In order to expand impact in our community, Publack Library started supporting Black authors and aspiring authors by helping authors at every part of their writing journey, in addition to publishing their representative and inclusive work!

We specialize and solely focus on children's literature and young adult publishing's. 

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