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30 Unique Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Sometimes ideas flood the mind like rainfall in the spring.

Other times, the mind is desert dry.

As a writer, we tend to adopt a specific style or genre, which can ultimately limit creative range and imagination.

This blog is to help stimulate new writing ideas, tap into unfamiliar territory, and overall, practice your craft.

These prompts vary from random and weird to interesting and questionable.

Please have fun with these prompts and allow yourself to be limitless, vulnerable, and without judgement!

This blog also has a printable Idea Journal for all of your brilliant notes.

1: In two sentences, describe your first love.

2: Unicorns are real, what are they like?

3: Write a radio commercial about sunscreen.

4: Create a movie scene for Disney about a deaf family navigating a new city.

5: Write a poem.

6: I ran to the bathroom as quickly as I could before....

7: Describe your birth month without using the moth or holidays.

8: Current mood?

9: You woke up in space....

10: Touching green is poisonous and you live outside, how do you survive?

11: Share your most vivid dream.

12: Describe your outfit to the Met Gala

13: Write about a funny time that wasn't supposed to be funny.

14: You're in the desert with a dinosaur....

15: Create a haiku with your crush name.

16: Write in cursive.

17: Note to your younger self.

18: What was the worst smell you've experienced?

19: In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, what do you hear?

20: How was your last doctors visit?

21: Create 3 new words and their meaning.

22: Villian origin story....

23: Write new lyrics to the beat of your favorite song.

24: Describe a candle with all 5 scents.

25: A talking house, flying cars, and hopscotching dogs....

26: List 50 positive qualities about yourself.

27: Create a diary entry from 2080.

28: Create a nutritional label for your new food invention.

29: Plan a perfect day.

30: The neighbors don't like me because....

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30 Day Writing Challange (1)
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Idea Journal
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Happy writing,

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