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8 Children’s Books Perfect for Holiday Gifts

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The holidays are quickly approaching and finding gifts for your children, nieces, nephews, and even classroom has just gotten easier!

In this blog you will find great informative, educational, and inclusive books for your youth!

Author Brittany Mone't Robinson creates the Special Hero’s collection of books bringing awareness and inclusion for children with special needs.

“'Just Like Me'is based on a non-verbal autistic student and his first day of school. The book was written to encourage and inspire parents, children, and other educators."

This series of books are great for ALL children and available here!

Stay updated on the Special Hero's series by following author Brittany on Instagram.

Having made history, more than once, veteran Sharon Caples McDougle teaches young readers about space suits!

“Why do astronauts wear the suit? Why is it orange? What is it made of? How do you put it on? How do you go to the bathroom in it? Come along with Shay to get answers to these questions and more as she learns all about the orange spacesuit astronauts wear when they launch into space. You will have an exciting time as you prepare to suit up for your adventure! Let’s get ready to blast off with Astronaut Shay! in 5…..4.….3…..2.….1…Blast Off!!!"

Former Crew Chief Sharon McDougle was a "suit technician responsible for processing the orange launch and re-entry pressure suit assemblies worn by all NASA space shuttle astronauts."

Learn more by visiting her website.

You can also follow her on Instagram!

(W)hen (I)magination (T)alks (T)o (Y)ou... "Witty Kids I Dream To Be" is a story about a young girl named Jersey, that imagines her future and journals her ideas. Jersey has a big imagination and encourages her friends to come along on her journey to read what its like to dream. She hopes that by sharing her dreams, more kids will see how awesome it is to share their imaginations. That way, everybody can be a Witty Kid!"

You can also pick up an activity book or journal and learn more about the creator of Witty Kids, Rebecca Clark!

"Braver Than I May Know" written by Grace Holloman "is an encouraging, creative, poetic introduction to show the bravery of children living with different conditions and the individual challenegs they overcome. Our heros are here to share their stories and provide readers with helpful knowledge and insight into their world.

Book information and author information can be accessed on her website.

Follow along with the upcoming releases by subscribing to their Instagram page!

"In this engaging story, Chris & Frankie teach young learners ALL about the piano. Through colors and fun memory tricks, learners will be able to identify the notes on the piano keys and learn a song! This interactive e-book includes a fun narration with musical accompaniment."

You can find more about author Chris & Frankie here!

"Adventures are more fun with friends! Celebrate with Khay-la-la and Gabby Goo as they zoom to the park on roller skates, devour strawberry ice cream, have fun in a bubble bath, and have a BIG pillow fight before bedtime.

Lynn C. Page is an entrepreneur, author, creative illustrator, and bubblegum aficionado, based in Houston, Texas."

Books are available here and don't forget to give Khay-la-la a follow!

"After being diagnosed with Autism, Alex struggles to face his adversities in school. His determination exemplifies how many can use their diversity to help bring together friendship,inclusion, and collaboration.

Author Alexis Jackson is on a mission to help readers and parents "See beyond the Spectrum."

Enjoy the People Who Look Like Me coloring book too. Order your copy and become apart of Alex and Alexis' community!

"Dr. Ogechi Egbujor is a writer and the co-author of the book series Adventures of Ada. In this book, we go on an adventure with Ada as she starts to connect with her African heritage. As she travels through Nigeria with her family she is fascinated by the colorful and diverse culture. She learns all sorts of fun facts about the country and its people.

This children's book series was created to teach kids about the diversity of Africa."

Visit Ada and follow her to her next adventure!

I know I said I’d only share 8 great children’s books, but I have 4 bonus books for you!!

These books are all written by the same author Antonia Royal Whitmore, published with Publack Library Publishing.

This story is about Dayo’s mysterious journey with nature, a hint of self-discovery, told poetically.

The name Dayo is an African name meaning ‘joy arrives’.

Will Dayo ever experience the joy her name promises?

Wander Long, Wonder Strong is a thought-provoking children’s book with so many twists, turns, and unexpected events!

Royal has been having problems at school with the new kid Tony. Royal is constantly being picked on and has been called mean names. With the support of his parents, Royal was able to stand up for himself and confront his bully. Royal felt empowered and victorious, until he got a sneak peak of Tony’s life during Thanksgiving break.

Take a look into the life of a bully with “Thanksgiving with the Bully”.

Boys have a reputation of being smelly and dirty!

This non-fictional book challenges the gender stereotype about boys and provides a step-by-step tutorial of how to properly hand wash 🧴🧼👏🏾.

“Boys Wash Their Hands Too: Los Ninos Tambiem Se Lavan Las Manos,” is a fun intermediate dual language read with diverse characters your young reader will love!

Despite the title, this publication is perfect for both girl and boy readers.

Although there is no true storyline, You Are: Tu Eres is a simple, yet unique picture book that introduce young readers to the power of positive affirmations. These affirmative words can create positive self-image and increased self-esteem for the reader and listener.

Enjoy this great read that also introduces a second language to your young readers!

We hope this list made holiday shopping a bit easier for you!

If you can, leave a review on any books you purchased, reviews mean the world to authors!!

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Happy reading,

Publack Library Publishing

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