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Affirmations All Creatives Need

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Imposter syndrome, undesired outcomes, and unsupportive family and friends can weigh heavy on creatives with laser focused visions only they can see.

This blog is to rejuvenate your spirit, reinforce your drive, and remind you of your purpose.

Enjoy these affirmations.

Say them as often as you’d like and write them on your vision board, to help fuel and refuel your creativity!

  • I am exactly where I’m meant to be on my artistic journey.

  • I seek progress over perfection, and community over competition.

  • I am worthy of being a creative.

  • Creativity is abundant within me.

  • I feel inspired to take risks with my art.

  • I pursue creativity without fear.

  • There are endless people waiting to experience my craft.

  • There is meaning in everything I create.

  • I think outside of the box and color outside of the lines.

  • Inspiration comes easily and naturally to me.

  • I am the representation I wish to see.

  • My talent impacts others by inspiring and uplifting them.

  • My art provides value to others regardless of how many people see it or like it.

  • I am confident in my ability to improve my skills.

  • Creativity is ageless.

  • Constructive criticism provides me with learning opportunities.

  • I compare myself only to who I was yesterday and acknowledge my personal growth.

  • My imagination is endless, timeless, and limitless.

  • I make time to create something every single day.

  • I am grateful to share my artistic gifts with the world.

  • I am a storyteller.

  • With my passions, I create beauty and magic.

  • I can easily step into a creative flow.

  • A creative rut will not stop me from creating meaningful art.

  • New ideas come easily to me, and I can transform them into beautiful projects.

  • I release the need for fear of failure.

  • The work that I do has a positive impact on the world.

  • I am continuously improving each and every day.

  • I enjoy selling my work because I know others see its worth.

  • I deserve all the success coming my way.

  • By working on my craft every day, I set myself up for success.

  • I find it easy to limit distractions because my ideas are my top priority when I work.

  • I am always learning new ways to make my work better.

  • My imagination is powerful, and nothing can stop me from expressing it.

  • People positively react to my art and are eager to see more of it.

  • I am inviting more abundance into my life with each idea I execute.

  • I respect my creative vision and don’t compare myself to others.

  • My creativity knows no bounds and creating comes naturally to me.

  • I am creative and grateful for the chance to discover the full scope of my talent.

  • I am brave and ready to take risks with my ideas.

  • My art is valuable because it makes me feel good about life.

  • I am curious and always find new ways to grow as a creator.

  • I find inspiration everywhere.

  • I love my powerful imagination.

  • I feel free to pursue my creative passion.

  • I have an abundance of good ideas.

  • Divine inspiration strikes at the most wonderful times.

  • My ideas are unique.

  • When I close my eyes, I see endless possibilities.

  • I am inventive, creative, and passionate.

  • I am blessed with boundless innovation.

  • I allow myself to be vulnerable to let my creativity flow.

  • I solve problems with ease

  • My innovation inspires others to try new things.

  • I value my talent.

  • Ingenious ideas come to me naturally.

  • Boundless creativity blesses my life.

  • I am the creator of all my life.

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