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You Are: Tu Eres

You Are: Tu Eres

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You Are: Tu Eres is a simple, yet unique picture book that introduce young readers to the power of positive affirmations in another language!

These affirmative words can create positive self-image and increased self-esteem for the reader and listener.


Let’s read!



    “You Are” is a wonderful book filled with affirmations. My students and I say them every day and when they get down on themselves I remind them of the affirmation that fits that need. My school has the affirmations painted on the stairs and another school in our district have posters of some affirmations posted as well. A great book of encouragement!

    -Tiffiny Whitmore

    "You are was AMAZING! Being that my child is multicultural, it helps BOTH of us to learn &grow together. Thank you so much."

    -Ajanae McFarland


    This book consists of English and Spanish translatioions along with THREE coloring pages in the back!

    We chose to incorporate a second langue because studies have shown that bilingual children can outperform monolingual children in social skills, cognitive functioning, and literacy (Unuhi, 2019).


    There are no return or refunds on this product. We encourage you to donate your book to a local library, thrift store, or parent with young readers!

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