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Our Services

Publack Library offers full publishing services for children’s literature and young adult publications exclusively by Black authors. 

Book submissions open 2023.

Services include:

-Pre publishing support and consultation. 

-Professional editor services. 

-Illustration description assistance. 

-Book illustrations up to 32 pages.

-Book exposure to over 20,000         retailers, schools, and libraries. 

-Free marketing on our email campaign    & social media platforms for 30 days.

-20 free book copies. 

-Post publication support and consultation for 30 days after book completion. 

-Pitch guide.

-Author bio template.

-ISBN barcode.


Publishing fees will be paid in 3 installments.

$5,999: Children’s book full service. 

$4999: Young adult chapter book full service.

$8,999:Comic books.

Additional services:

$500: Author website.

$700: Kickstarter campaign.

$70/hr.: 1-on-1 consultation.

Additional services:

-Our team will create an impressive author website to build your community & sell your books

- Our team will create a Kickstarter campaign for your book to gain more exposure and support.

-*1-0n-1 author consulting for non-children book authors

Children's Storybooks

Why We Care

- 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read (, 2015 ).

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