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Publack Library Publishing is a Black-owned publishing company dedicated to diversifying the literary industry. We are the home of complete representative literature, publications written by authors of color, for readers of color, featuring main characters of color, and also home of the Ethnic Bookworm.

Over 85% of children of color do not read at their respective grade levels, and there are currently more books that feature
animals than children of color. We’ve concluded that the lack of literary representation has contributed to the low literacy rates in urban communities.
We specialize in inclusive children's publications that educate, empower, and entertain each reader and every listener.

Our belief is that complete representative literature will increase literacy rates, self-esteem, and quality of life in underrepresented youth!
Therefore, we strive to distribute quality & inclusive literature to minority youth through community sponsorship & business partnerships.

Although we specialize in children's literature, we publish
all genres. Browse our wide range of publications


Publack Library Publishing 


Help distribute quality complete representative publications to our youth across the Country. 

Happy Reader

Submissions are currently closed.

Please schedule a FREE consultation for author and publishing related queries or email us at 

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Certified Minority Owned Business 

Certified Small Business

Certified Woman Owned Business

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