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Who Are We


Join the movement to increase literacy rates in marginalized schools and communities with representative and accurate storytelling.


When children see themselves in books, it encourages them to read. Unfortunately, there are currently more books featuring animals than children of color. In addition, it seems like literature options are becoming more restricted for youth considering new laws, the banned book movement, and lack of educational funding. It is our mission to publish and distribute relatable, inclusive, and accurate storytelling and to build at-home-libraries for K-3rd grade children, as third grade literacy skills predicts income, career options, housing, & mental health. 

Publack Library Publishing is dedicated to changing this reality by publishing and distributing quality & inclusive literature to minority youth through community sponsorship & business partnerships.

We want to partner with individuals and organizations like you who prioritize children’s growth and development.Sponsor  books to schools, organizations, and nonprofits in in your area and  around the country, to build children's' at home library.

As a sponsor, you will nourish generations with relatable and enjoyable literature that can improve quality of life, academics, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. 



          Sponsoring made easy:

  1. Choose your book(s) here

  2. Review sponsor tier levels here

  3. Complete form

  4. Send payment via invoice (invoice will be sent to the provided email address)

  5. Receive an emailed receipt for tax purposes 

To make a general custom book donation, please click here

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